Who we are
Olelon is committed to providing the world's
leading energy solution
About Us

Olelon Energy USA Company Limited is devoted to build the best lithium batteries for people all over the world. Through advanced and sophisticated R&D, we have designed all of our batteries to provide years of trouble free service.

Only the highest quality of LiFePO4 cells from the best manufacturer in the world will be used on our batteries. Every Olelon battery contains cells that are meticulously sorted and matched for both capacity and resistance. Trust Olelon battery for all of your deep cycle and trouble free battery needs.

Intelligent BMS
Using high-quality, high-rate brand battery cells, intelligent lithium battery management system
Long life
High safety, long life, 8-year warranty is the promise of Olelon
User experience
APP+ cloud platform, smart interconnection, let you know the mileage of lithium battery
Lithium ion
small weight, high energy storage and high cycle life
Independently developed intelligent BMS power management system
vehicle power batteries
Used for low-speed transportation, lithium iron phosphate batteries are smarter and offer high-quality performance, extensible power and unmatched accuracy.This light weight and maintenance-free battery is specifically designed to power low-speed vehicles such as golf carts, utility vehicles, LSV and AGVs, and provide you with better capacity, durability and efficiency.
Home energy storage
wall mounted and stacked
Home energy storage devices store electricity locally for later use, also known as "battery energy storage system" (or simply "BESS"), at their core are rechargeable batteries, usually based on lithium ions, which are handled by intelligent software controlled by computers to handle the charging and discharging cycles. As local energy storage technologies for home use, when paired with on-site power generation, they can almost eliminate power outages in daily life. And if your local electricity is cheaper at certain times of the day, you can get a discount by charging your battery with cheap electricity from the power grid.